Real World Networks has a growing network of Retail Service Providers who can connect end users to our connected buildings. RSPs can purchase VISP or Layer 2 bitstream services from any connected facility, giving them the choice of conncetion method that suits their business model. With one of the lowest CVC prices and flexible pricing and delivery options, Real World Networks is your ideal partner for delivering conncetivty.

Compare the difference


Average cost per megabit for connectivity to NBN, including Backhaul and CVC costs


Average cost per megabit for connectivity to Real World Networks, including Backhaul and CVC costs

Real World Networks helped us expand our business offerings to developers of greenflields sites through the delivery of VISP services through our business and Open Access Wholesale services to their developments.

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Maximise your service offerings

Make your existing offerings compliant with new legislation

Due to changes in legislation, a number of CSPs who have been delivering high speed internet access will be unable to without complicated changes to their business operations from 1st July 2015. Real World Networks will work with you to help you understand how these changes impact your business and develop a model to transfer operation to Real World Networks, while allowing you to continue to deliver the high quality customer experience your users have come to enjoy. You'll also benefit from trailing revenue for any services sold through other RSPs into your existing building!

Expand your service footprint

As competition with NBN increases from other carriers, Retail Service Providers can find it difficult to navigate the many wholesale carriers who now deliver services to where their customers are. Real World Networks partners with our RSPs to help them gain access to a full range of services, including NBN, DSL and RWN services.

No nonsense network builds

Got an idea for a network build, or an area that you know you can connect a large number of customers - if only there was the network infrastrucutre? Real World Networks actively partners with our Retail Service Providers to deliver innovative coverage solutions at reasonable costs to our Retail Service Providers. With flexibility of technologies, including fibre optic, ethernet and fixed point wireless, when you partner with Real World Networks your options are truly unlimited.

Technical expertise for technical people

Real World Networks is a technical service delivery company - and we know our customers are. Our engineers assume you konw what you are doing and treat you with the respect you deserve. We are also happy to use our extensive technical experience to help you grow and expand your business because we know that as you grow, we benefit as well. We find this approach… refreshing!